REVIT! Connector HV

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With the vest Connector NEON a rider wearing any jacket can easily and instantly be upgraded to better visibility. It is designed to wear over all jackets in a subtle and stylish way. It can be connected to a range of REV'IT! jackets without losing access to any of your jacket's original features. Thanks to its vented mesh construction and well-conceived harness that snugs down easily, the Vest connector NEON won’t flap around or bubble with air like a parachute. The neon yellow fabric combined with the 3M Scotchlite™ reflection stripes dramatically increases riders’ visibility on the road. Sizes Men's textile jacket XS–M; Connector NEON M Men's textile jacket L-XXL; Connector NEON L Men's textile jacket XYL-XZL; Connector NEON XL Ladies textile jacket 34–38; Connector NEON S Ladies textile jacket 40-42; Connector NEON M Ladies textile jacket 44-48; Connector NEON L
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